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We love to share our beauty fitness and fashion tips with you, so Nicola and the crew at Oh So Fab have put together a list of their favorite things you can shop while we're all staying safe at home! 
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A place where precision meets perfection.   


Skin, lashes, and brows play a fundamental role in the expression of a woman’s allure.  Let our mastery and artistry enhance your natural beauty and poise. 

Be YOU, but with beautiful skin, lashes and brows! 

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Each stylist is certified and insured with thousands of hours of work experience. 

At OSF & Brows, our stylists are masters of beauty and skill.   Education and growth never end, and that’s why our staff will always be one step ahead of the rest. 


Nicola and Belinda are so lovely and make visits to their place relaxing and comfortable. Nicola  has a gentle touch and I am never uncomfortable. I have been elsewhere in Boca only because the location was closer to my home but very quickly I realized that the commute was worth it for me. Other places just don't do the same kind of quality work. You won't be disappointed!

 - Ronnie P.

I absolutely love love love having my lashes done! Weirdly enough- it's super relaxing and I often fall asleep... Lexi and Denise have both done my lashes and are amazing, but you're good with anyone there; they're all fun to be around, totally professional and detail oriented.

 - May T.

I have been going to Belinda for over a year and my lashes are OH SO FABULOUS! I have never had someone be so careful and attentive. She makes sure that not only are my lashes beautiful they are also healthy. My husband is an Optamolgist and he never worries that I might have problems because of how immaculate the facilities are and how impeccable and caring the operators are.

 - Anna B.

Love my lashes here compared to others I've tried in the past! They are so full, last long and such professional and talented experts. The salon is the perfect location just steps away from the ave and the chic interior immediately sets a relaxing feel. Can't wait to go back!

 - Kate M.
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