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Meet the Team

Belinda Wellman

Co-Owner, Master Stylist

Licensed Esthetician

Educator in Lash Extension Application

Belinda embarked on her journey as an independent stylist, recognizing early on that her dedication to precision and technique would lead to success. With years of experience, extensive education, and exceptional skills, she enriches the team with her expertise. Holding advanced certifications in classic and volume lash extensions, as well as a certification in Eye & Lash Health, Belinda is committed to excellence in her craft. She is the visionary behind The Lash Revolution, a platform dedicated to empowering lash professionals and entrepreneurs through education and growth opportunities. Belinda's passion for education shines through as she actively supports aspiring lash artists in achieving success through comprehensive training and mentorship programs.


Angela Wellman



Angela Reilly, a dedicated mental health nurse with a profound passion for patient care, embarked on her journey in a salon while pursuing her nursing degree. Despite transitioning to nursing, Angela's love for the salon environment and its clients drew her back, leading to an unexpected opportunity to become Co-Owner alongside her mother, Belinda. In her role as Co-Owner, Angela gracefully manages the front desk, ensuring a welcoming and organized atmosphere. With a talent for social media management, she enhances the salon's online presence, blending her patient care expertise with creative digital communication skills.



Master Lash Artist

Bachelor's degree in Business

Licensed Esthetician

When tenacity meets a passion for beauty, you get Nicola! Leveraging her business degree, Nicola initially collaborated with her mother to launch their first business venture before embarking on establishing her own solo artistry studio. A creative at heart, she specializes in classic, hybrid and volume lash extensions, holding advanced certifications in the field. Committed to ongoing learning and skill development, Nicola is dedicated to personal growth and is ever-ready to guide her clients in achieving their perfect lash look.


Denise Camberio

Master Lash Artist

Lash Lift Specialist

Licensed Esthetician

Denise, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience, brings a wealth of expertise to our lash studio. Specializing in masterful lash lift & tint procedures and precise lash extension applications, Denise is dedicated to helping clients achieve their desired look. Fluent in Portuguese, she ensures clear communication and a comfortable experience for all clients. With a passion for enhancing natural beauty and a commitment to making clients look and feel their best, Denise is the master go-to stylist for impeccable lash treatments.

Martine Thomas

Beauty Consultant

Licensed Permanant Makeup Artist

Brow Artist

Martine Thomas comes to us this year from Croatia.  She is a professional makeup artist with 30 years of experience as well as a licensed PMU artist and eyebrow specialist. In addition she is a professional jazz singer/entertainer who regularly serenades her clients to the sounds of the jazz greats.  Martine is making our already fabulous clientele even more beautiful with her unsurpassed makeup skills, gentle hand and eyebrow shaping precision.


Hannah Solomon

Certified Lash Artist

Licensed Esthetician

We are thrilled to welcome Hannah to OSF & Brows! With her exceptional expertise in classic, hybrid, and volume lash sets, coupled with a commitment to precision and a genuine passion for her craft, Hannah is a valuable asset to our team. Holding licenses as an esthetician and certification as a lash extension technician, Hannah possesses the knowledge and experience to craft customized sets that cater to your individual preferences. Whether you seek added length or a subtle yet striking appearance, Hannah is the ideal choice for you. We have full confidence that her dedicated service will not only meet but exceed your expectations, leaving you feeling self-assured and radiantly beautiful.



Lash Artist

Licensed Esthetician

Jessica is a master lash artist from Los Angeles with over seven years of experience in classic, hybrid, and volume lashing. Her artistry reflects the vibrant and edgy vibe of LA, creating lash designs that exude confidence and style. We invite you to immerse yourself in Jessica’s world of lash aesthetics and experience the captivating craftsmanship of her lash designs. Join us to discover how Jessica can transform your lashes into a masterpiece of beauty and confidence.



Lash Artist

Licensed Esthetician

Kayla, a licensed esthetician and makeup artist with a decade of experience, specializes in creating custom wispy lash designs tailored to individual eye shapes. Known for her luxurious and personalized approach, she ensures exceptional service for each client. Additionally offering facial and brow threading services, Kayla's keen eye for detail and commitment to enhancing natural beauty guarantee a confident and beautiful look for every client.

Maria Garcia

Certified Lash Artist
Licensed Esthetician

Introducing Maria, the Newest Lash Specialist to Join our team.  As a licensed esthetician with extensive training in classic, hybrid, and volume lash techniques, Maria is a true master of her craft. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Maria transforms lashes into works of art. Her passion for her profession is evident, and her drive to deliver exceptional results is unparalleled. Whether you're seeking a subtle enhancement or a bold, dramatic look, Maria's skilled hands will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.


Nella Tsakon

Co-Owner of Callaestha

Skincare Specialist

Makeup Artist

Licensed Esthetician

Nella is a skilled esthetician and makeup artist with a profound commitment to skincare. Her knowledge is rooted in her own experience dealing with cystic acne, which prompted her to delve into a variety of skincare solutions. This personal journey fueled her interest in skin health and rejuvenation, enabling her to cater to a broad spectrum of skincare concerns, from promoting skin vitality to addressing acne-prone conditions. With more than 20 years of expertise, she thrives in cultivating lasting client connections and providing top-tier service.



Oh So Fabulash Mascot

Kiki is our darling mascot at Oh So Fabulash. She loves playing dress up, taking long naps and chasing squirrels. Her true talent lies in being a little lap warmer for our clients. She's a certified snuggler and takes her job seriously. 14/10 will snuggle you while you relax. 


No matter how you plan on treating yourself, we're thrilled to have you at Oh So Fabulash!

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