Besutiful Brows

Eyebrows truly frame your face, and are the perfect compliment to beautiful lashes! We offer an array of services from tinting to permanent brow application. See all services and pricing below. 

Brow Shape & Tint
$38 / 20 minutes

Service includes tinting of the brow to leave a fuller & thicker shape. It also includes brow waxing and/or tweezing touch-up to define and shape the brow.

Brow Shaping
(Waxing and/or Tweezing)
$20/ 15 minutes

Depending on your preference of waxing or tweezing, please ask the receptionist whom we can book with. 

Henna Brows
$45/ up to 40 minutes

Looking for long-lasting natural way to enhance your brows?

Henna covers the shaft of the hair follicle and tints the skin leaving luscious, long-lasting color, similar to a permanent makeup effect.

Henna is an actual brow hair and skin stain that deposits pigment to the top layer of the skin as well as the brow hairs. Staining with henna gives you the opportunity to enjoy expressive eyebrows, camouflage gaps that have been over-plucked. 

Henna Brows & Shape
$60/ up to 60 minutes

Perfect your henna stain with a brow shape (waxing or tweezing)

Compliment your beautiful brows with an add on!
Lip & Chin
$15/ 10 minutes
Full Face
$35/ 30 minutes

Service includes waxing away any unwanted hair on the upper lip & chin area with tweezing if necessary.


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