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2024 Lash Ins & Outs

Updated: Jun 10

Classic lashes remain a timeless trend but we are seeing a few favs make it to the top of the lash request list. Let's talk about what's In and what's out.

IN: Classic Lashes

OUT: Strip Lashes

IN: Brown Lashes

OUT: Shiny Dark Lashes

IN: WET-Lash Look

OUT: Uniform Lashes (no variation in length)

IN: Wispy Look

OUT: Heavy Volume

IN: HALF Sets (we hear you ladies loud and clear)

OUT: INFLEXIBLE Full-Set salon policies (full set or nothing at all)

The lash extension business keeps changing. Classic lash extensions are still very popular. But new and creative lash styles are also becoming popular to meet the different needs and wants of customers.

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