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Hair Extensions

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Original Halo 12"

We love our Halo!

Original Halo 16"

Balayage Layered Halo 18"

HALOUCOUTURE gives the option of having long and fuller hair whenever you want it.  

Confidence comes in many forms.   Pretty lashes and great hair can make any woman feel empowered.  Here are a few reasons why we love our halo extensions.

  • Instant fuller & thicker hair - just like that!

  • Extensions are put in - in a matter of minutes!

  • Double the value of your extensions - they should last 1-3 years (mine is going on 4)

  • Looks natural - like your own hair.

  • No risk - your natural hair will never be compromised.

  • Save money - 1-time investment with no maintenance

  • Change up your look - curl them or wear them straight.

We're not afraid to share our beauty secrets

Original_Halocouture_w (3) (1)-min
OriginalLengths3 (2)-min
NewBalayageCollection (1)-min

Original & Layered Colors

Original & Layered HALO Pic 1.png
Original & Layered HALO Pic 2.png
Original & Layered HALO Pic 3.png

Balayage Colors

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