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Uncovering the Hype: The Wet Lash Trend Explained

Updated: Apr 10

The beauty world is always abuzz with exciting new looks, and one that's been making waves both locally and internationally is the sensational Wet Lash trend. From chic resorts to bustling boardrooms, this super bold and glamorous vibe has totally grabbed the attention of beauty lovers everywhere.  

Who would benefit from a Wet Lash look?

  • This style is particularly well-suited for clients with moderate to full natural lash lines

  • Clients wanting a more textured, spiky look.  

  • Clients that love the look of their lashes when they’re wet

What’s the difference between A Hybrid Set and A Wet

Lash Set?

Simply put, hybrid lashes are a combination of single extensions and volume fans.  Hybrid lashes implement the best of both worlds: a step up from a classic look and a step down from full volume density.

Wet Look Lashes are typically all volume fans with some of the fans closed  (wet looking) while other fans may be open. Various lengths can be implemented to suit the clients overall desired lash look (i.e. spikey, textured, or natural)

Final thoughts:

Wet Look Lashes is a lash extension style that creates a mascara look or wet look. 

  • A finish that creates a "just-out-of-the-shower" effect

  • Versatile in look: casual or professional appeal

  • Customized style that can be crafted to achieve different levels of intensity by using .03 or .05 volume fans as well as variations in lengths.

lashes by our very own Kayla Correra

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