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What Many Salons Don't Tell You Before Your Lash Lift

Get the lash lift you deserve!

If you're considering getting a lash lift, there are some important things to know about preparing your lashes beforehand. Many salons don't fully explain the impact that lash growth serums can have on the lift process.

Lash growth serums work by strengthening the base of your lashes, making the cuticle layer more compact and resistant to moisture. This protective barrier can actually interfere with the lifting solution used during a lash lift.

The lifting solution is designed to penetrate the lash hair and reshape it. However, if you have a strong lash serum coating your lashes, it may prevent the lifting solution from working as effectively. This can lead to a subpar lift result that doesn't last as long as expected.

To avoid this issue, it's recommended to stop using any lash growth serums for 4-7 days prior to your lash lift appointment. This allows your lashes to return to their natural, unprotected state so the lifting solution can do its job properly.

After your lash lift, you can resume using a lash growth serum, but it's best to wait a couple weeks and start with a nourishing keratin-based lash conditioner first. This helps strengthen and condition the lashes before introducing the growth serum again.

By understanding how lash growth serums can impact the lift process, you can ensure your lashes are properly prepared for the best possible results from your lash lift treatment. Many salons don't provide this important information, so be sure to ask about it when booking your appointment.

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