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Essential Information About Lash Extensions and Our Studio You Don't Want to Miss

Our passion for lashes is undeniable, and we are confident that you'll share our enthusiasm! Whether you're a first-time lash client or visiting us for the first time, we want to ensure that you have a fantastic experience. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

All lashes are not created equal

When it comes to lash extensions, there are many options available, but not all of them live up to the standards we believe in. At times, subpar products and inexperienced technicians have resulted in less-than-optimal outcomes, but we're here to change that. We're passionate about delivering top-notch service and exceptional results, and we're committed to ensuring that your experience is nothing short of amazing.

What makes us different?

We owe our standing as a leading provider in our community to our unwavering dedication to our craft, continuous pursuit of knowledge, and the reputation we've earned as consummate professionals. In other words: We're really good at what we do.

Come clean

No makeup! Bring your fresh beautiful clean face and get ready to relax. You'll lay on a super comfy lash table, listen to music, and maybe, just maybe Kiki will take a lash nap with you, and in an hour, you will have gorgeous lashes.

We're Pros

All our girls have been educated, trained, and are amazing at what they do. We're so proud of our team!

Be on time. Seriously.

At our lash studio, we highly value punctuality as we operate on a tight schedule. Your appointment time is the only window we have to work on your lashes, so being late means we'll have less time to create the perfect look you want. Unfortunately, we're usually fully booked back to back, which makes it difficult to extend your appointment time. To ensure you receive the extra time you need, we recommend booking a longer appointment in advance. This way, we can guarantee that you have enough time to achieve your desired lash style without feeling rushed or compromising the quality of our work.

Long lasting lashes are a team effort

At our lash studio, we take pride in providing you with a stunning set of lashes that will make you feel confident and beautiful. However, maintaining the longevity of your lashes is ultimately up to you. We're here to support you every step of the way with our amazing products and expert advice. To ensure the best retention, we recommend avoiding certain habits such as wearing mascara, using products with glycols, not washing your lashes nightly, and rubbing or pulling your lashes. These habits can all negatively impact the lifespan of your lashes. By taking good care of your lashes, you'll be able to enjoy a fuller, more luscious look for longer periods of time. Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve a well-cared-for set of lashes that can easily be filled in, leaving you feeling confident and beautiful each and every day.

You're going to LOVE your lashes

We're proud to have built long-lasting relationships with many of our clients. What often starts as a set of lashes for a special occasion often turns into a regular appointment that spans months, and even years. We love seeing our clients return to us time and time again, and we believe it's because of the high-quality service we provide. We take pride in our work, and we want to make sure that you leave our studio feeling confident and beautiful. So, don't forget to ask us for a before and after picture! We love seeing the transformation and knowing that we've helped you achieve the look you desire. It's our pleasure to be a part of your lash journey, and we can't wait to see you at your next appointment.

You also have eyebrows!

Once you see your eyes framed with lush lashes, it's easy to see why our clients also get their eyebrows shaped, tinted, and even micro-bladed. Get ready to wake up perfect- your makeup routine just got a heck of a lot simpler.

now, go do your thing and be special xoxo

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