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Everything you Oh So need to know

We love everything about lashes, and we know you will too! If you've never had your lashes done, or if this is your first visit with us, these are things you need to know to have the best experience possible.

All lashes are not created equal

There are many places offering lash extensions, and too often the products are low quality, the technician hasn't been trained properly, or has little to no experience.

Unfortunately, there are horror stories that come with those bad experiences and we've heard them all.

What makes us different?

Our commitment to our craft, ongoing education, and our professional reputation are what keep us at the top of the industry here in our community.

Come clean

No makeup! Bring your fresh beautiful clean face and get ready to relax. You'll lay on a super comfy blanket, listen to music, and in an hour, will have gorgeous lashes.

We're Pros

All our girls have been educated, trained, and are amazing at what they do. We're so proud of our team!

Be on time. Seriously.

We only have the window of time you have scheduled to work on your lashes. If you're late- it's less time we have to work our magic. We're often fully booked back to back, so we can't extend your appointment time. If you know you want some extra time, you can book a longer appointment in advance.

Long lasting lashes are a team effort

We always do our best to give you a gorgeous set of lashes, but the care retention is up to you. We offer amazing products and solid advice. Things like wearing mascara, using oil based products, not washing your lashes nightly, rubbing or pulling your lashes are all big no no's. Filling in a set of well cared for lashes is the best case scenario.

You're going to LOVE your lashes

We have so many clients that came in for a set of lashes for a special occasion, and have stayed clients for months and even years. Don't forget to ask for a before and after pic! We love them.

You also have eyebrows!

Once you see your eyes framed with lush lashes, it's easy to see why our clients also get their eyebrows shaped, tinted and even micro-bladed. Get ready to wake up perfect- your makeup routine just got a heck of a lot simpler.

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