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Brow Help? Try A Slant Tip Brow Pencil

Updated: Apr 19

Get Perfectly Shaped Brows with a Slant Tip Pencil

  • A slant tip brow pencil can help you shape, fill, and sculpt your brows for a softer, more natural look.

  • Simply flick the wrist a few times, and the OSF Power Brow Pencil will create hair-like strokes. The slant tip does the rest of the brow magic.

  • The slant tip allows you to make soft, blended strokes that match your natural brow hairs.The flat edge is great for filling in sparse areas and easily defining the brow arch.

  • The versatile design lets you use the pencil in different ways to get the brow look you want.

  • This helps you achieve a full, natural-looking brow appearance. And that, my friends, is magical!

Remember ladies, lashes enhance and brows complete!  Come see the Brow Queen for a personalized consultation on how to use and choose the best brow pencil for your skin tone.


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