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Personalized Facials for Your Skin

Customized Facials = Personalized Skin Care

A customized facial is a special skincare treatment that is made just for you. Here are the key things that make it different from a regular facial:

Detailed Skin Analysis

The esthetician will closely examine your skin and figure out exactly what it needs. They'll tailor each step of the facial, from cleansing to moisturizing, to your specific skin type and concerns.

Personalized Treatment

The facial is designed specifically to address your individual skin problems, whether that's acne, aging, or something else. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach.


Customized facials can be changed over time as your skin's needs change. This ensures the treatment stays effective for you.

Advanced Methods and Products

These facials often use the latest skincare techniques and high-quality products to get you the best results.

Personalized Experience

The personalized approach doesn't just improve your skin, it also helps you relax and enjoy the treatment in a way that's tailored to your preferences. In the end, a customized facial is a personalized skincare treatment that is carefully crafted to meet your unique skin's needs. You can get these facials at Oh So Fabu-Lash & Brows, done by the talented estheticians Nella Tsakon and Eva Habib of Callaestha.

Eva Habib
Nella Tsakon


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