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Client Release Form
lash, brow, waxing, skincare services

I, the client as herein signed, hereby authorize Oh So Fabu-Lash & Brows, and whomever it may designate as it's operators, assistants or otherwise to perform upon myself my selected service of choice.

Liability Waiver

I have been fully informed as to the methods and procedures concerning my service.  It has been represented to me that no guarantees, warranties, promises, commitments or other statements as to the results of this treatment have been made, and by said failure to make such promises and guarantees, I acknowledge that I have no particular representations nor guarantees, and I am consenting to the procedure at my own risk.

Thank You!

Eyelash Extensions: If you experience any discomfort in the first 72 hours after application, please call to have the eyelash extensions promptly and properly debonded by a professional.  If you need to seek medical attention, you must do so, and at your own expense.  While there are no refunds for this service once applied, removal within 72 hours is complimentary.  otherwise, a $25 fee will apply.  It is important to understand self-removal methods (or having another practitioner or professional - even your doctor - remove your lash extensions) may result in excessive eyelash damage that may or may not be permanent.

I understand daily washing of the eyelashes is part of after care maintenance.  Failure to wash daily may result in premature lash shedding, weakening of the natural lash,  natural lashes unable to support extensions. 

I understand using beauty products with glycols may weaken the bonding resulting in poor retention.   Propylene glycol is a an ingredient that is added to cosmetics to increase moisture retention in skin and hair.  Hexylene glycol is an ingredient used in skincare and cosmetic products to help improve the texture and sensory feel of the formulation.

I understand extensions may not properly bond to natural lashes if I come to my appointment with a residue of bottom mascara, eyeliner and other other types of cosmetic products.

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