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Ladies, good news on removing those pesky grown out extensions. Products with hexylene glycol will weaken the bond and help the extensions flick right off.

Resist the urge to pick and tug on your lashes. Doing so may result in premature shedding, split and or broken natural lashes. However you want to look at it, the results mean your natural lashes will experience a bit of trauma and will take some time to heal and grow back to their healthy and hearty state.

No, no, no to professional debonders. Sure you can find extension remover gels online -- but they are meant for professional use. Very risky move and we strongly advise to leave removals to the professionals.

Garnier SkinACtive Micellar Cleansing Water works wonderfully for weakening the bonding and before long, the extensions that are holding on for dear life will slip slide away. So I guess for the month of April our featured product is Garnier because it will remove those extensions pretty darn quick. BUT, once we're back in full swing NO Micellar water. Remember products with hexylene glycol is no bueno!!! once you are back to your fabu-lash.

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