Keeping It Clean, You Better Believe It!!!

Updated: May 2, 2020

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We've rolled up our sleeves and put on our gloves, our masks are on and we've been hard at work. Not gonna lie - we thought we would be lashing by now. The extra time off has given our team opportunities to get our place in tip top, squeeky clean shape.

As the story goes, the formulation of Thieves was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated and wore a special aromatic combination of clove, rosemary, vinegar, and other botanicals that they believed provided protection during the bubonic plague. The thieves robbed from those who were infected but yet never themselves contracted the disease.

You can see how their legend grew as well as the intrigue with their protective concoction. I have personally used the YL Thieves oil blend for many years. As a lash artist, I know how important it is for the client and myself to stay as healthy and safe as possible. I keep a bottle of Thieves at my work station, I keep a bottle of Thieves in my purse and I keep my diffuser at home running with an abundance of Thieves oil drops. If you would like to purchase Young Living at wholesale go to our SHOP tab and click the Young Living link.

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