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Keep your eyes healthy

Daily eyelid and eyelash hygiene is critical for maintaining a healthy lash line- plus it helps lash retention and quality.

We always remind our clients to WASH DAILY with an oil free cleanser, and rinse well. The eyelid skin is one of the thinnest layer of skin on the body. Be sure to use products that will keep eyelids hydrated and nourished as many washes can offset the ph balance and contribute to dry flaky skin.

  1. The eyelid is responsible for over 85% of dry eye problems, and eyelid skin is one of the thinnest layers of skin on the body. Healthy eyes start with healthy lids, and healthy eyes mean healthy lashes!

  2. Do you require drops for dry eyes? If so, please consider using a product from the line. They have been developed by a leading ophthalmologist and have been proven to be effective and safe for eyelash extension wearers. Our salon carries these products for your convenience.

  3. Please see a medical professional if the skin on your eyelid becomes dry, flakey, itchy, red or swollen. Eyelids and lashes go together just like scalp and hair. Both must be healthy in order to enjoy and retain extensions to the fullest. Talk to your lash stylist if you notice any changes to your eyelid after fills.

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