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Fitness must-haves for Stay at Home workouts! Never too late for new exercise routines.

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Each week of quarantine revealed some highs and many lows. Week one consisted of denial that our world was really changing. So began our "out with the clutter" campaign (salon and home) with bags and boxes packed and ready for donation. After all the organizational hype, our enthusiasm began to fizzle and we were left with a garage full of STUFF and no place to donate them to. Hmmm!!!

Week two, began our "lets guy fit" phase. We resisted the urge to conform to days with little structure and tried very hard to keep our routines in place. We read, we listened to podcasts, caught up on our tv downloads and found a little bit of zen with moving, walking, running and online workouts!!!

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Week three ... Depression set in. Oh me, Oh my! The news, the reports, the dwindling bank account begin to weigh heavier and heavier. But then came Easter. Easter couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Darkness was no match for the LIGHT. With new LIGHT came inspiration for week four of: everthing GREEN -- planting, clipping, gardening and lots and lots of trips to Home Depot for soil, flowers and mulch.

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Throughout our quarantine journey, online exercise has become an essential activity. A very big shout out to Kevin Morgan with Beast Fitness for keeping us consistent and challenged with some pretty incredible BEAST workouts!!!! We also fell in love with Megan Roup of The Sculpt Society.

We posted some links to the fitness equipment we managed to get our hands on for our online workouts. Stay active and stay well. Can't wait to see you in May

Megan Roup - Sculpt Society. We are hooked!!!!

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