All volume fans are delicately hand crafted. A combination of weights and curls are selected with your natural lashes in mind.

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Why Are Clean Lashes Important?

Did You Know?
Our natural lashes are designed to catch dust and debris from going into our eyes? Now that you’ve added a “layer” of extensions over your natural lash line - it quickly becomes the perfect “catchers mitt” for makeup, powder, perspiration, oils, GRIME, dust, dander and debris. Developing a washing routine can be a simple addition to your beauty regimen and should only take a few extra seconds to do.

Daily washing with an extension friendly shampoo can help reduce the risks of itchy, flaky lids, blepharitis and the dreaded eyelash mites: these critters exist in optimum conditions inside the eyelid where oil, makeup and grime build up. After the application of extensions, your lash line is more crowded than normal which might create a breeding ground for bacteria or mites.

as a result of poor aftercare, over time, Certain conditions may lead to lash loss (potentially strangling the natural lash follicle). We all want to retain as many of our natural lashes as possible. It is easily preventable with a gentle foaming wash once a day.

Lastly, none of the above is intended to scare - it is only out of deep respect & appreciation for you, our client. It is our mission to help keep you educated and our safety standards high. Please ask your stylist about our shampoo selection (we have 3 amazing products to choose from), our oil free moisturizer & sunscreen, our lash growth serum and our dry eye gel. with much love, your OSF & Brow Team

Classic Set
Initial: $150-175
     Fill: $60-80  

One extension to one natural lash.
Perfect for the client who wants to enjoy a BEST MASCARA DAY every day without the fuss of applying and removing. Deposit required for all new set appointments.

Hybrid Volume Set
Initial: $185-200
Fill: $70-90

Mixture of classic & volume extensions.

This set features 50% classic and 50% volume extensions. The combination results in a light & fluffy lash line. Deposit required for all new set appointments.

Partial Russian Volume Set
Initial: $185-200

Partial Russian Volume sets are the perfect way to ease into volume lashes. Carefully constructed hand made fans (three to five extensions) will be applied to one natural lash. This set will receive approx 60% coverage and the appointment usually runs 1.20- 1.30 mins. To ensure your natural lashes are always protected, our stylists will choose from 3 volume weights (.07, .05, & .03) when crafting your volume fans. Deposit required for all partial set appointments.

Full Russian Volume Set
Initial: $250-300

Full coverage is what you can expect with a Full Russian Volume set. Three to five extensions will be applied to one natural lash with 90% of the lash line covered. The depth and fullness to this set is unique to every client depending upon how many natural lashes a client has to work with. To ensure your natural lashes are always protected, our stylists will choose from 3 volume weights (.07, .05, & .03) when crafting your volume fans. Deposit required for all new set appointments.

Volume Fills:

1.20 hr maxx fill: $95 - $120
1 hr. fill:
$80 - $100
30 min mini fill:
$50 (within 10 days of your last visit)


Lash Lift & Tint
with Keratin Mascara: $110    

The service is perfect for anyone wanting an alternative approach to eyelash extensions. This procedure adds a curl to otherwise straight lashes, giving the appearance of fuller more glamorous lashes front on.  This treatments comes with a take home Keratin Mascara to help reduce the natural lash from frizzing or becoming brittle.